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2023 Week of Prayer

Week of Prayer for North American Missions

Day 7

More than a hundred years before Matthew and Ruth Lahey came here as church planters, the last church in the Kilbride neighborhood of St. John's burned to the ground and was never rebuilt.

"For many Newfoundlanders, the idea of church is bound up in a building: church is something you go to, not what you are," says Matthew. So, when the building was destroyed, so was the church.

It's in this melting pot of traditions, progressivism, liberalism and misconceptions of Christianity that the Laheys are planting Kilbride Community Church.

"What we're doing is frontier missions. We're in a community that hasn't had the gospel in it since 1892, or maybe worse, has had a perverted version of the gospel," says Matthew.

Church planting here is not a quick process, but the Laheys are committed. "Christianity isn't something reserved for 90 minutes on Sunday," says Ruth. "Everything we do is an opportunity to minister to and reach our community - all for Christ's glory."


• God to open eyes and soften hearts of people towards the gospel in St. John's.
• Kilbride Community Church to represent Christ well in an apathetic environment.
• God to raise up more workers to come into this harvest.

Watch the story at: AnnieArmstrong.com/Lahey

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